Monday, April 03, 2006

Well Golly Gee !!!

After waiting since Saturday morning, believe it or not, we're finally getting a kitchen floor installed! Yesterday I was so past livid that I painted my toenails just to divert my madness. It seems that on Saturday morning, the *only* installer (apparently) had the truck loaded to come here and got into a major wreck. You just know the flooring was ruined and the guy wound up in the hospital. So, all day it was phone calls back and forth inquiring when the Hell was someone coming out! Everything in the kitchen was in the family room all piled up. On Sunday morning - waiting again for the 7-9 appointment - things were still in an uproar. Mind you, Friday morning I had gone into day surgery to have 8 lumbar injections to try and get rid of my lower back pain. I was *supposed* to be resting and healing. Instead, the anxiety was killing me AND my blood pressure and I started washing down the kitchen walls. Why not??? There was nothing in the road! Fred did more than me and I did lay down periodically. To get back to Sunday one came by 0930, so Fred called the (closed) place and left a message. We decided to move everything back so that dinner could be prepared versus ordering in like the night before. Then we get a call from another manager of the store apologizing profusely and saying they would be here NOW! I said "Hell No!" I had already looked up Home Depots number and told Fred to call Citibank and cancel the payment to the flooring place and then call them. Instead, here comes the guys bringing all the flooring and piled that into the front room. Finally, after the "trial run" of taking all the stuff out and putting it all, they show up this morning. ARGH!! I can't drive until tomorrow anyway, so I decided to stay home from work and make sure shit is how I want it! Dammittt!! It's a good thing too because I wanted the planks going lenthwise from East to West on the kitchen floor and the guy said the material would go further if it was crossways. Ask me if I care?!?!?! It's going lengthwise...had I not been here, Fred would've just let that slide. I would've come home to an anal disaster! The damned laundry room floor AND the pantry floor are going lengthwise...that would have tightened my jaws to no end to have the floor itself crosswise. Get my drift? So far, it looks really nice. Time now to go lay down and relax and heal!


Blogger Kami said...

OMG. What a damn mess!!!

You'll have to take pics of the new floors.

I hope you're feeling better.

You want to come clean my kitchen walls? (WTH?) ;)

7:46 AM  

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