Monday, June 20, 2005

June 19, 2005 ~ Father's Day & K-Role's B-Day Celebration!

We started off the day by canning Paul's tomatoes, quite the yield! We finished with 26 qts. of fresh tomatoes and 5-1/2 qts. of fresh tomatoe juice. Then we grated 3 gallons of zucchini which will yield 6 loaves of wonderful Zucchini bread. During the weekends from June 5th through today, we have also done 6 qts., 9 pts. of Zucchini Relish as well as 14 qts., 1 pt. of Bread & Butter pickles. Fred, Paul, and Robert all celebrated Father's Day and Carole had her "Mellow Yellow" 41st birthday. I made a wonderful (scratch) Orange layer cake, fried chicken, limas, and mashed potatoes - one of her favourite meals. Tyler had loads of fun in the pool! He is the sweetest boy! We all had a great day!


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