Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tomato Canning Season Is Done!

Over the past three weekends, Fred, Paul, and I have been canning Paul's HUGE tomato crop! Here's the breakdown:

6/11/06 Tomatoes - 14 qts., tomato juice - 7 qts.
6/17/06 Tomatoes - 42 qts., tomato juice - 14 qts.
6/24/06 Tomatoe Sauce - 28 qts., 1 pint, tomato juice - 42 qts.

Today, the tomato sauce was split between three roasters - one electric on the patio and one on the stove, twice. After blanching, coring, peeling, and chopping, they were drained and put through the blender. Then into the roasters they went with all the ingredients to cook down before putting into the sterilized jars. We started with 130 cups or 32 quarts (juice drained off). To that was added and distributed 19 tsp. salt, 25 T sugar, 1 cup white vinegar, 10 cups red bell peppers, and 10 cups of onions. What a marathon! All the juice had to be processes in the canner and the sauce, after boiling down, was water bathed. We started at 9:30 yesterday morning and finished at 11 last night. We _did_ eat dinner around 6 yesterday afternoon. Talk about 3 tired people. Dammitt!!! Every jar sealed and now I have to label them all before storage. I'll bet Paul won't grow 32 plants next year! ;-) I REALLY would like to have an AGA stove with six burners and three deep red please! Thank you!


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