Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Must It Be This Way???

I took my Mother to her Dr. appointment yesterday. The appointment was for 1:30..had to be there at 1:15 though to fill out paperwork. Fortunately, I took a Slim Fast in an insulated container. I knew that it *might* be longer than 1-1/2 hrs. My Mother is 91 years old and it's a struggle, at best, to even get her there. I know the drill... get to the place, pull up out front, go in and sign for the wheelchair, take that out to the car and get Momma in it. Take her into the building and then go back outside and park the vehicle. This time, I had to leave my driver's license. This meant that I had an extra trip back out to the car to get my license before I could get the wheelchair. Get all that done and we're finally able to go upstairs to the Dr.'s office. We get there and the nurse says we have to go back downstairs to the "other" office. No explanation. Get back downstairs only to find out that th "other" office didn't open until 1:30. WTF?!?! Why did they say to be there at 1:15 then??? Park our asses downstairs and wait. Mind you, we had gotten there *early* to avoid all this waiting. She can't tolerate a lot of this waiting stuff and my patience isn't really great. So, we finally get in and get the preliminary stuff out of the way...filling out the SAME forms I do each time (don't they keep copies with the charts?) Nothing has changed...NOTHING! Why not just a form that "update" can be checked if necessary? Then they want a urine sample, a blood draw for workup, and I requested a pnemonia shot. So we go to the bathroom, back the wheelchair in, get Momma on the toilet, I hold the "cup" under her to obtain the sample. I figured, what the Hell...may as well pee too! I've had nothing so far to eat. Patience is growing less. Thankfully, Momma had the drink. She gets the shot and we go out to the Lab for the bloodwork. That wasn't too bad of a wait. Finally, I'm ready to roll her out to do the reverse of what we did getting in there. Got all that done, returning the wheelchair after getting Momma settled in the car and get my license back. I told the woman "Damnit! Are y'all losing these wheeelchairs or what???" She says that they had 7 at the beginning of the year and now they only have one! I guess they get taken more often than not. That I can understand and that explains the license thing. We're finally ready to go and I _know_ byt this time, we both need to eat. So I get to Sonic for Momma's burger and milkshake and then go to Jack-in-the-crack for mine and Fred's. Finally get home at around 4:30. ARGH! Another successful trip! I still had to go back out to the pharmacy to get her new Rx filled! And guess what??? I get to do it ALL again in two weeks! Why must they put people with elderly people through all this? Surely, they could devise a better plan. Yes, I'm still pissed!


Blogger Kami said...

You'd think they could do it better, but...

7:37 PM  
Blogger Carole said...

As I've said before, you're a saint, Mother.

9:13 PM  

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