Friday, August 05, 2005

Yesterday's Piss Off!

The morning started off pretty much normal, trying to get to work. You know, as much as I love my job, it's still a pain each morning not to be able to get ready to go at MY leisure. I seem to do way better under pressure - time constraints specifically. In my mind, I have each step planned out. When other things happen - usually Fred - it just throws a monkey wrench into the situation. Then I have to cut some other step short to accommodate. This particular morning, things were progressing nicely. I had gotten up early, as usual, and had hours before I had to be at work. I had checked out all my computer stuff...blogs, games, and email. I had everything under control. Then, just as I was about to gather up all my stuff, Fred says "Can you stop at the bank to make this deposit?" ARGHHHHHHH!! One "more" thing to do! I already knew that I had to get gas. That alone was stressing me out, wondering where I could get it cheaper than $2.25 a gallon! I abhor the gas thing! So, as usual, I said "Yeah, I can throw that into the mix as well!" Now I'm into "High Gear"! I get to the bank and there's this business pick-up at the window. "Drop Dead Pest Control"! So, there I sit..motor running to keep the AC on, looking at my gas gauge (I wasn't about to buy gas in Garland!). This guy must've been the most UNprepared person on the planet! I counted four times that the little drawer went out and back in to retrieve stuff from him. On the last time, he was trying to sign SOMETHING ELSE on top of the drawer! I had visions of revving the engine and slamming it into drive and just smashing him outta the way! Honestly! When finally he had finished, he s l o w l y pulled just far enough to nearly clear the lane, BUT not quite far enough for ME to get to the window. That was it! I layed on the horn, BIG TIME! He budged just a bit more (like he had no clue he wasn't alone in the now-six-people-deep-line). The bank person opened the drawer for my stuff and I practically yelled "GOOD MORNING!" at her. Then, SHE retrieves the stuff and proceeds to walk off behind a wall! I couldn't believe it! She came back and began picking up this and looking at that until finally I said loudly "Excuse Me!?!?" At that point, another clerk shoved my deposit receipt into the drawer and said the droll phrase "Have a Nice Day!". I sped off, knowing full well that I *could've* already been at work, but here I was racing and still late and STILL had to get gas! Halfway up the freeway, the little gas pump picture lit up. Damn! I'm thinking how much gas did the manual say is left when that light comes on??? Maybe 3 gallons...23 MPG, I'll make it. I got gas and got to work...15 minutes later! All because some idiot guy didn't prepare for his bank visit! WTF?!?!?


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I so hate that!

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