Monday, October 02, 2006

Some of the sweetest times..

..come when I am putting Tyler to bed on Friday or Saturday nights. This past weekend, Carole had bought some new books for Tyler. Usually, when I'm there, he will want 3 to 5 books read to him before going to bed. This time, he was already tired, so I started one of the new books. There was a lot of reading and Carole said just to tell him about the pictures of things versus reading every paragraph. There were things that he hadn't seen and also, some that I didn't know he had seen on TV shows. Every now and then, he'd say "I know Nana" when I'd point out some animal I thought he hadn't seen. I would say "Did you see this one on one of your shows?" and he'd say "Yes". Since it was a l o n g book, when I finally got through it, I thought he'd want another one. I ask him if he wanted another and he said sleepily "No Nana...". poor baby, he was just too tired. He headed for his bed with both bunnies. As usual, I said "I'll turn on your Moon and Star lights now." He said..."They're already on Nana" he was already drifting off to dreamland. I turned off the regular lamp and sure enough, the Moon and Star lights were already on! Bless his little heart, he's so astute! Since I'd already gotten my hugs, all he said before I left was "Kisses Nana". I was more than happy to give and get kisses from one so sweet. Tears came, sweetly, when I told Carole all about "our" Good Night