Saturday, September 24, 2005

Paul McCartney IS!

I've heard some flack of late from people who think that it's ridiculous that Paul McCartney has done a commercial. He doesn't *need* the money they say. I had no clue what the Hell they were talking about...until now. I just saw the Fidelity commercial, stating that Paul McCartney is a prime example of this and that. A major investor, a major buiness man, etc. Well! He IS!!! And as all those things, who else would THEY want to represent THEIR business??? Certainly not "the Donald". He's so on and off. McCartney IS the epitome of a good business man. He's totally made it and he continues to make it. So what's the beef??? Why would people sink so low as to admonish someone for doing what they do best? Is it jealousy? Maybe. I say Good Job Paul! And I don't just say it because I admire and respect him, I say it because it's true. That's my take on it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

One of the Major Peeves!

Why is it that some people - you know who you are - have to beat a comment into the ground and continue to talk about it for at least 20 minutes? It absolutely drives me nuts! Sometimes it's better to not say a word lest it be discussed forevah. Whew! I just can't stand it. Even commercials have an end and lo and behold...that one damned comment is STILL being discussed when the program is back on. It leads one (namely ME) to say louder than usual "IT'S BACK ON!" Gawd! It just drives me nutty. Now I feel way better!!!