Monday, May 30, 2005

Tyler's First Haircut! May 28, 2005

My daughter and I took Tyler today for his very first haircut! It was done at a kid's place, "Cool Cuts for Kids" and he did beautifully. They put him in a bright yellow race car and popped in one of his favorite videos of "Blue". Carole got quite a few videos of him and I took digital pics. He was an angel! The only problem came when she turned on the shaver for his neck. I don't think he liked the sound! That was at the end though. They cut off the long back piece of hair and put it in a clear folder and then took his picture to commemorate the day! Carole will save this for his scrapbook. I'm glad he didn't scream and cry like my nephew did years ago...that was an awful experience.

Memorial Day Weekend - May 29, 2005

What a fun day today was! We went to our daughter's home for dinner. Her significant other, Robert, smoked a ham and it was delicious! I took potatoe salad - Mothers always bring potatoe salad, right? Our grandson, Tyler, had such a good time playing with his Uncle Rick. He is such a good boy (16 months old as of the 27th). Our friend Phil was there and two new friends, Roger and Carolyn as well. There were a few sprinkles of rain, but nothing that deterred us for long. My 90 year old Mother also went with and that was a pleasure! She always tries to make that special effort to get to my daughter's home whenever she can. She lives with my husband, Fred, and I, and has for 20+ years. Always a good time! My daughter Carole, Robert, and Tyler will be over today for our Bar-B-Que chicken as well as our best friend, Paul, and his Mother Jo. I hope the weather is warm enough for Tyler to play in the pool or the ring-sprinkler. That boy LOVES water! I'm looking forward to today being a great day!